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Okay, so obviously vinyl planks are the hottest flooring on the market right now. No really, they are. Many people are ripping up their carpet and putting down luxury vinyl planks for a lovely wood look in their home.

Nowadays you can get a wood-look flooring without the expense and maintenance of actual hardwood. As well as a tile look without the grout and hardness of an actual tile floor.  Let’s be honest, if you have a family, kids, and a pet, you don’t want hardwood. It’ll be roughed up in no time under all that stress. That’s where vinyl planks or tiles come in.

Why does plank thickness matter? Well, because the thicker the plank, the sturdier it is. Thicker planks are denser and more substantial beneath your feet. A thicker plank can also cover up a less-than-stellar subfloor.

Of course, every home is different and you may not need the thickest plank possible for your home. Some of the thickest planks are certified for commercial use, after all.

Why is the wear layer important? Well, it’s what protects your vinyl flooring from surface scratches and stains. It’s the second half of the durability equation: thick vinyl + thick wear layer = higher quality. If you’re using vinyl planks for a low-traffic area, you might not need the thickest wear layer. However, if your vinyl flooring will be in the midst of your rough and tumble life, then definitely thicker is better. After all, the wear layer is basically a bodyguard for your flooring.

If you’re ready to pick out your luxury vinyl flooring check out our available selections.